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湖内私人淡水游泳池 Relau Private Swimming Pool

 Every time going for a morning walk in Metropolitan Park, Relau, to take a breath of natural fragrance from plants and the morning fresh air and to view the beauty of the park, it is sad to see a nearby Western classical-style bungalow in the almost lonely left desolate and laid in the ruins.

每回在湖内公园(Metropolitan Park, Relau)做早晨散步,吸着植物的芬芳和清新的空气,观赏着公园的美景,公园的景色真美丽呀。 然而对以附近的一栋西洋古典式的房子,在另一个荒凉的废墟中,留下残垣与碎片,真令人十分惋惜和感慨。


This Western art style building was left by the late Kapitan Chinese Chung Tai-ping and was said to be the first and most expensive private freshwater swimming pool in Penang at that time. The building was a rectangular structure of surrounding rooms with open-air freshwater swimming pool in the centre. The surrounding corridor was supported by Corinthian columns of which the caps and bases of the columns were richly ornamented to look elegant and solemn.
这栋由甲必丹郑太平(注)遗留下来拥有西洋艺术风格建筑物,是当年敢称槟城第一和最昂贵的私人淡水游泳池。 长方形的房子,四面各建房间,中间为露天淡水游泳池。 另采用科林斯式 (Corinthian)巨式圆柱为外廊,柱頭有雕飾,柱底有柱座,形成庄重,大方之感。
Various rooms for massage, alcoholic drinks and cigarette or tobacco smoke were surrounding the swimming pool. By giving his hospitality to all his business and political friends with entertainment coverage from drinks to songs, Chung Taiping could be said to enjoy himself a high position and great wealth in life.

开放式的客房,按摩建身室,烟酒歌厅,围绕着泳池。 郑太平生前在此招待政界商贾、讲究排场,生活多姿多采,歌酒欢乐,弦音不辍,可说享尽荣华富贵于一生。
 Not far from away the big house, there was a bridge across the river whereby located a small hut built in styles of traditional Chinese architecture, a place for smoking opium. By relaxing and enjoying tea, smoking opium, and listening to the sound of the stream, Chung Taiping really knew how to enjoy a life
离大屋不远,一条小河上建有一座过桥。 向河对岸望去,隔河又建了一栋中国传统小楼,是华贵的鸦片烟房。 在原始森林之处休息,喝茶,吞烟吐气,听着河渠流水的清脆响声,郑太平真是一個懂得享受人生的甲必丹。
 The photos were taken in two separate periods. The first part was taken in this year while the second part was taken some years ago. The building was rich in precious historical background and architectural styles. It was a witness to the rise and fall of evolution of the owner and also a proud of the cultural heritage of the people of Penang. Taking this opportunity to preserve only those memories, I hope it can avoid the fate of destroyed or dismantled.

照片拍于两个年代,前半部是今年,后前半部该有数十年历史了。这栋建筑物富含珍贵的历史背景与丰富的建筑风格,是主人家道兴衰演变的见证者,也是槟城人民引以为荣的文化遗产。 藉此机会,只将这些记忆保留下来,但愿它能逃过折毁的命运。
(Note) Chung Taiping (1879 -1935), with an English education and the most modernist Chinese tin miner was the last Chinese to be conferred a Kapitan. Chung Taiping was the prominent son among the nine sons in the fourth of Kapitan Chung Keng Kwee
(注)郑太平(1879 -1935),受过英文教育和最先进的华人矿家,也是最后一位受封为吡叻华人的甲必丹。 郑太平是郑景贵9名儿子中较为突出之第四儿子者。

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