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這個網誌 ( Blog ) 是得到老同學韓道豐的授權,用來轉貼他周列國的記,内容圖文并茂, 生動有趣。

Re-posting of travel stories by old classmate Hon Too Fang, with permission.


Because of the difference in colour setting between the computer and the different brands of mobile phones, the quality of the images shown on your screen might not be the best. Should you wish to view the better version please contact Brother Hon directly at 


In the process of editing the blog, errors or omissions are inevitable. Brother Hon will make corrections in the "Comment column".


Click on the headings of the four categories in the catalog to browse the selected articles of travel notes.

Index (博文目錄)

Attractions / 景點介紹

Email Series / 電郵系列

Incidents (only in Chinese) / 旅游小插曲

Travel Diary / 旅游日記

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