Monday, November 5, 2012


Email from Boo Hock:
Another Clob's Departure - Chien Kee Mong A0113


I heard about the above with heavy heart that Chien Kee Mong A0113 錢 啓 蒙's name appears in the orbituary column of today's Kwong Wah Jit Pow. The death was reported to me by our Umpie Cheah Joo Eng 9885. Though I do not know Chien personally, it is my duty to report to all of you this bad news. Chien's pass-away is the 21st reported or as per the list recorded/attached. Chien had not established any contact with me. His last known address in our Clobs file is at No. 24, Batu Lanchang Avenue, Penang Res Tel. No:04-885568 but no EA, email address.

Boo Hock 9728
Clobs6567 Volunteer/Co-ordinator
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