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電視新聞剛報導, 載著我國(大馬來西亞)首位太空人(乘客)的太空船, 在今天大馬時間傍晚返回地球, 還勞駕副首相帶領一大堆人去俄羅斯迎接他。

本是順道慶祝開齋節的好事, 大新聞。卻因為自己手頭經濟不是很寬鬆,又被逼亂花了錢已滿肚的怨氣和怒氣, 無處發泄。

Kan Ni Neh! 我省吃省穿一年半載, 有了一些積蓄, 再利用“開齋節”兩天假期,還得自己駕車到吉打港口乘搭渡輪,才有機會去浮羅交怡(PULAU LANGKAWI), 看野生老鷹在空中飛來飛去,自己可在水中與魚同游,欣賞海底珊瑚之美 。

這個阿官模特兒醫生,卻獲得國防部以9億美元(馬幣342千)向俄羅斯購買戰斗機,隨機附送的一張機票,免費上太空去旅行,歡慶開齋節, 還可在太空玩兒童游戲。

說是免費機票? 可是, 被迫購買飛機, 和大人物專程到俄羅斯接送他的費用........., 是我阿公的鐳呀!!
修訂21/10/2007 multiply-102

From recent reported TV news, the spacecraft carrying Malaysian first astronaut (passenger) has returned to earth in the evening. The deputy prime minister has leaded a team to Russia to greet him.

This is big news and great event to celebrate Hari Raya. As for me, the budget is already tight yet I was forced to spend extra money on the island. I just cannot find a way to let off the grievance and anger.

Kan ni neh! To watch the wild eagles flying freely in the air, to swim with fishes in the water and appreciate the beauty of undersea coral, I have to take the opportunity on the Hari Raya’s holidays, to use up all saving accumulated for years and to drive to Kuala Kedah to catch the ferry to Pulau Langkawi.

But that aguan cum modeling doctor, just using a free ticket to travel on space to celebrate the Hari Raya and play games in space on which the Ministry of Defense has to spend USD900 million to purchase the Russian fighter jets.

This is a free space ticket?? However, the costs of purchasing the fighter jets and the expenses for the VIP’s trip to Russia are from “my Ah Gong Duit”!! (my grandfather’s money) 

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